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The Associated Corporate & Institutional Services Company has alliances with many of the nations leading refinishing and refurbishing companies. Because of these alliances ACISCO has access to almost unlimited amounts of pre-owned furniture, seating, files and modular stations originally manufactured by the largest office furniture and modular systems factories in the United States.

Our purchasing power plus the fact that these are refinished and refurbished goods leads to great savings for our clients. Work stations that have been "remanufactured" allow us to offer discounts ranging from 60% - 70% (in some cases more) off list price on these goods to our clients. In essence, a typical work station sold refurbished sells for one third (or less) than the price of a similar new station. This is true for any type of station, whether it is a small telemarketing station or a full blown modular floor to ceiling Private Office or Conference Room. When we refer to something as "refurbished" we mean new fabric on the panels and sometimes new laminate on the work surfaces.

In many cases the goods our network receives from original users are in good enough condition to be sold "as is" which allows us to offer even greater savings to our more "cost conscious" customers. In other instances, we can arrange for goods to be moved from an existing user directly to a new user therefore bypassing the warehouse and offering even greater savings. Whatever the case, we can meet the specifications of any project requiring office furniture and workstations while still meeting any budgetary constraints.

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