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The management and staff of the Associated Corporate & Institutional Services Company bring to our clients hands on experience, a broad base of information, far reaching trade experience and a willingness to do "whatever it takes" to help guide our clients from the inception to the completion of their projects.

The approach an ACISCO Project Manager takes to a particular project is unique in the field. Because we utilize a "single source-team concept" the client does not just engage an individual, the client retains one of our managers who is able to work with confidence knowing that he/she is supported by a group of ACISCO professionals possessing a depth of knowledge in every aspect of corporate and institutional design, construction, furnishing and flooring. The support of this team enables the ACISCO Project Manager the ability to offer a "turnkey" approach to most projects and when necessary, isolate any single parameter of a project and offer professional assistance leading to the successful completion of that aspect of a project. Through our far reaching contacts with numerous architects, constructors, experts in flooring and furnishing and additional related trades, ACISCO Project Mangers have an extensive pool of talent from which to glean knowledge and information. This of course is important to our clients because by understanding the network available to ACISCO Project Managers the client will feel confident that the guidance for which they are contracting comes with the caveat that this whole pool of talent will be at their disposal, not just the talents of a single individual.

The results speak for themselves. ACISCO Project Managers have successfully been associated with corporate and institutional projects ranging in size from 500 square feet to 75,000 square feet and with retail ventures ranging from a 1,000 square foot retail store to 10,000 square foot restaurants and 150,000 square foot super stores. Whatever experience needed for a particular project, there is no question that one of the ACISCO Project Managers has had experience working in and with that type of environment. The continuous stream of referrals and repeat business from satisfied clients is testament to the fact that the ACISCO "single source for business needs" turnkey approach works. Our customer list includes clients from a wide variety of fields including banking and financial services, hospitals and the health industry, schools and education. Our Project Managers also have broad experience in the apparel industry, hotels and hospitality field, telemarketing and call centers, the Internet and dot com's.

Detail, focus, integrity and care are the hallmarks of our work. Because of those factors, our company and its' Project Managers have earned the loyalty of our clients and we appreciate their enthusiasm in recommending new business. Whatever the field, we've been there and back and look forward to guiding you and your project.

As Project Managers we have built our reputation by providing seamless turnkey operations, uncompromising customer service and a reputation for utilizing the finest service providers and craftsmen in the metropolitan area. As Project Managers it is our goal to enable you to not just meet but to exceed your vision and expectation's for the project. We welcome the opportunity to be a participant in the realization of your project, and to adding you and your company or institution to our growing list of satisfied customers.

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